From Strategy to change

Are you looking for an extra set of brains in your strategy work? Let's talk and see how I can support you.We live in a turbulent world. Companies, governments and cities are constantly faced with the challenge of change. For 10+ years, I managed all sorts of change projects in retail and finance. As time went by, I grew increasingly interested in the bigger picture: the vision, the why and the fit into the overarching strategy.That's when I decided to dive deeper into strategy management and get certified as a strategist at University of Oxford-Said Business School.Are you in need of an experienced change profile that brings an energetic, hands on approach to enrich your strategy and translate it into an operational plan?

What I can do for you

-Reinforce your team in the design of your future strategy
-Bring the much needed external perspective to your strategy work
-Convert strategic goals into an operational plan
-Extract insights and meaningful conclusions from complex business problems, based on analytical problem solving skills
-Uncover connections and coherence
-Support in rethinking and realigning strategic priorities
-Support business units in defining and executing their strategic roadmap
-Contextualize complex challenges into an understandable story
-Ensure company initiatives have a clear strategic fit
-Bring structure in complex, high quantity information
-Assess progress of your strategic plan and offer improvement suggestions
-Summarize and document strategic progress

What I'm reading and where I'm going


-Oxford-Said business school: Oxford View of Strategy Programme, score of 97,8%
-5 years project management experience in retail at Colruyt Group
-Vlerick business school: 'Take the lead in digital transformation'
-5 years project management experience in finance at ING
-2 years Project management traineeship at Ormit
-5 years consultancy experience
-Catholic University of Leuven: Master Political Science, graduated Cum Laude


"Thanks again, Annelies, for the beautiful work and valuable cooperation. During these past 5 years, you have provided a lot of support at OKay & Bio-Planet, business units of Colruyt Group. You soon became part of our team. You were quick to detect and to understand challenges and opportunities. This both on a strategic, tactical and even operational level. I also saw you quickly taking action, translating & elaborating actions, federating … each time with the aim of being able to deliver on the expected output."Fabrice Gobbato, General Director OKay and Bio-Planet

"We are at the culmination of the Oxford View of Strategy Programme and you persevered like a champ. (...) Thank you for taking into account my feedback and challenging yourself with each assignment.
When assessing the playbook, I look at current posture, (purpose as well as actual or anticipated challenges and opportunities) interrogating strategic direction, (through the use of scenarios) to moving to future state (through strategic agility). All this must be in a matter that reinforces and supports the process, therefor multiplicativity is that strategic eye picking up on matters impeding strategic direction. **These were excellently met!Your playbook starts off with purpose and provides reasoning as to why you are exploring scenario’s which is to be prepared for the future we should consider following scenarios as possible postures. (...) You followed a methodological approach to your playbook which makes it plausible. You used your strategic skills to steer the organization into a possible direction. Well done. You can be proud of the work you delivered. Keep leading."Lesley Katts, Assessor Oxford Executive Programmes presented by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"I got to know Annelies through a collaboration in a European Innovation project of EIT Food with various partners from home and abroad. Annelies acted there as a representative of Colruyt Group. Although in such projects with a larger number of stakeholders, some partners often focus on their own contributions and their own return-on-investment, Annelies constructively monitored the interests of the other partners and the objectives of the global project.KU Leuven was involved in this project with various student teams that developed an eco-innovative food concept. Annelies was immediately charmed by the commitment and dynamism of the student teams, and was spontaneously willing to think along with them. This quickly showed that Annelies not only knows the retail sector from the inside out and that she could perfectly coach the students to work out a go-to-market plan, but also as an inspired foodie could think along and provide inspiring suggestions.This has meant that the collaboration with Annelies in coaching our student teams in their innovation assignment has continued, even after the EIT-Food project has ended. Her cooperative attitude and her rich experience make her a particularly pleasant and interesting partner for us in bringing in expertise from the professional field in our training courses. We look forward to a continuation of this great collaboration!"Eric Lens, Docent Innovation & Product Development in the Master Industrial Engineering, KU Leuven.


Some blogging

Dutch Design week in Eindhoven
Nothing more wonderful than being carried away in inspiring talks and settings. I walked beaming through the streets of Eindhoven during the Dutch Design week, flanked by 2 like-minded people, we had two wonderful days. Too short, because there was still so much to see, although I wonder if that would have changed my general opinion.
With an open mind, towards the future and aware of the exhibiting public that looks ahead with a critical eye on society and creates direction towards tomorrow. Idealism triumps. I saw a turn to the emotional, to hope and a call to action. In most projects and realizations there had been a turnaround, from human centric design to nature centric design. Who would have dared to think that years ago? The holistic perspective was paramount and clearly transcends the human needs of today and tomorrow.
Words like hope, circular, dreams, creativity from scarcity, inclusiveness and balance.
The accusation 'it can't go on like this anymore' was clearly behind the design world. They brought this indictment a few years ago. At this DDW they came up with ideas and practical prototypes, or already complete elaborations, eg ecological coffins, reworked tableware from thrift shop porcelain, ...
In my opinion, the appeal of this DDW lies in the need to build bridges. An idea sets things in motion and is an important starting point, but an idea grows in value when it can contribute to move that stone. A mutual cross-fertilization between the innovation cells and change trajectories of the industry and the design ideas can be an essential enrichment here. That way, that tanga slip made of banana fibers might turn out to be more than just an idea. ;-)
Are you in need of such a bridge builder? Let's talk about this together.

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